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3D Printing

I just got a new 3D Printer.  Here is some stuff about what I have been doing with it.

More 3D printing of my Big Boy steam locomotive.


23 Oct: Here are some more pictures of my work in progress Big Boy steam engine.  I'm really getting into this 3d printing lark! :-) Big Boy WIP 2 Big Boy WIP 3 I'm making a start on the boiler now, just for a change of pace from the chassis.  Stay tuned for more 3D printing stuff soon! (read more...)

Big Boy Locomotive model


11 Oct: I've been printing a model of the Union Pacific Big Boy steam locomotive, the biggest steam engine in the world (I think?). Big Boy This is how far I have got, after 58 hours of printing - still a long way to go!  The original model was posted up on Thingiverse , it is a 1/15th scale model.  I am printing it at a reduced scale, so I end up with a 2-1/2" guage model, still pretty ... (read more...)