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2mm Horizon Wars Playtest - Alien Invasion Supplement Playtest


11 Oct: Horizon Wars Playtest On Thursday 27th September, Rob and I tried out my 2mm Horizon Wars figures, and also tried out my Alien Invasion! Supplement.  Here is a quick rundown of how we got on. Set Up Rob laid out the playing area, using the wooden rods he made for deployment areas in our 6mm games, an area 45cm x 45cm was chosen. This equates to a 45" x 45" table at normal scale.  Rob took ... (read more...)

Horizon Wars Battle Report 2 - 4th August 2016


13 Aug: Battle Report for Horizon Wars game on Thursday 4th August, 2016. This was a game played between Rob Wilson and myself last Thursday evening, we used Horizon Wars rules, with the "New Adventures" Supplement. Mustering We decided on a 15 Point game.  My Battlegrooup consisted of: Heavy Infantry CHQ 2 x Heavy Infantry 2 x Armoured Artillery 2 x Recon 1 x P2 mech (M4,F5,A2,D2, Assault Rig, Ace Pilot) Total Force Cost (FC):15, Total Force Presence (FP):18 I ... (read more...)

Horizon Wars Battle Report - 21st July 2016


30 Jul: My first battle report, before I had my own blog, so posted up at Precinct Omega . We used 15 FC (Force Cost) to build our battlegroups, so my starting force was composed of: 1 x P3 Mech M3/F6/A4/D2 Assault Rig, Frag Screen 1 x Heavy Infantry CHQ 2 x Heavy Infantry 1 x Mobile Infantry 2 x Heavy Cavalry 1 x Armoured Artillery To see the whole report, click here . (read more...)