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2mm Horizon Wars Playtest - Alien Invasion Supplement Playtest

2mm HW Turn 2
2mm HW Turn 2

Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Horizon Wars Playtest

On Thursday 27th September, Rob and I tried out my 2mm Horizon Wars figures, and also tried out my Alien Invasion! Supplement.  Here is a quick rundown of how we got on.

Set Up

Rob laid out the playing area, using the wooden rods he made for deployment areas in our 6mm games, an area 45cm x 45cm was chosen. This equates to a 45" x 45" table at normal scale.  Rob took the Alien invaders while I played the British Army.  This was a 12 point game, so Rob had 12 FC, while I had 15 FC - the present day forces got 25% extra due to having lower technology.

2mm HW set up

Here we have the British force at the bottom of the picture, and the alien invasion force at the top.

Deployment and first turn

We set up some terrain, and deployed our forces, allowing up to 50% of  our forces on initial deployment. Rob won initiative, and started to advance his troops.  I tried to react, but when we measured ranges, it became apparent how far apart we were, and the enemy forces were still at extreme range, too far away to get any good shots in.  With the 2mm figures, we are measuring in cm where the rules call for inches, and it took some getting used to how far apart we still were.

Subsequent play

2mm HW Turn 2

2mm HW Turn 5

We managed to play 5 turns before time ran out, and got a few good combats in.  I managed to test out my "smoke" rules, we had a fair bit of firing, and a close combat. In the discussion after the game, we agreed that the 2mm figures and reduced groound scale weren't a problem. One of the things we were playtesting for was to see if the cm for inches scale was too fiddly, and we found it was fine. The other thing we were playtesting, my "Present Day Forces versus Alien Technology" supplement,  and we found that this was OK, but possibly needed some adjustment to the points values of the troops, and to the 25% FP bonus they receive.  The smoke rules seemed to work fine too. I'll probably need to add some scenarios to my supplement, or a new situation and action table for use with the "New Adventures" supplement, so that is still work in progress.